New interactive exercise to practice word stress placement here.

Do You Want to Improve Your Pronunciation? Learn About Word Stress!

This website has been designed to help English language learners develop their understanding and mastering of word stress in English.

Developing understanding of word stress in English will greatly improve pronunciation and oral comprehension.

Is It Difficult?

It depends on what you already know and your goals, but you should know that learning word stress rules in English is not an easy task and requires a certain minimum of time and effort. If you have limited time, check out the handouts listed in the menu on the right –>

What Do I Need to Know Before Starting?

The way the materials have been created here does not require you to have too much prior knowledge about phonetics or phonology in English, although it will help if you are familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet to read phonetic transcriptions.

The Approach

The approach focuses primarily on prefixes and suffixes to understand the stress pattern for a large percentage of the English lexicon (the rules presented here will not allow you to predict the stress of all English words, but a great majority).

  1. First, learn about the notion of stress in English.
  2. Then, learn about word structure, before you…
  3. work on word stress rules.
  4. Finally, practice what you have learned with these exercises.

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